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Message for my readers and followers :

Today I had publish this post in portuguese, but you may don´t understand the language. So, I  try to translate for you the same post.  But I am not good in English..My apologizes for don´t use the correct English here).

If you have a wordpress blog and read this post, probably republish your posts too.

Post to

I just know that you are republish my articles in your site. Of all my blogs.

I’ve been reviewing your content published and it seems to me that you did not do a selection of these items, and the tags that you choose does not make sense. Even the articles that had as private, you up for your site! What I dislike most are not these details. It is the fact I can not to know who you are, neither do I don´t know, why you republish my posts.  And these too many other post from wordpress.

Why? You do not have contact or address available on your site. You don´t have  information about who you are  and therefore  i can consider your  work is not innocent. The fact that you place the origin of your publications can be a way to defend yourself, but the way you choose, for me, is not correct.  You did not ask my permission. At least you read  any of my post? Do you know , do you understand, do you read the objective of this blog? You have my contact and you have information here. This blog have images  that  are courtesy of other people who liked my project and supported me.  Do you read my informations, my advise on this site?

You think it is correct republish those images without prior authorization? These people were contacted by you? And one more thing : Portugal is not Brazil, look at the link you choose for republish my posts… small things make the diference…  If your purpose was to give strength to the work in blogs, you make too many mistakes would have to act in a better and proper way.  Respect your neighbor without even know him.


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